Friday Jams

Had this one in my head this morning:

It seems vaguely appropriate, given that it’s Veteran’s Day. Though I can’t speak to what they are up to here in an informed way, I feel like the rousing feel of this song has an inspiring “rally the troops” kind of vibe without veering into militarism. Maybe it is because the military allusions are historical rather than contemporaneous. Anyway, I like what these guys are up to; they pull off theĀ aesthetic.

I had never seen the official music video for this song, however, and it is criminally abbreviated! The actual song on the album (it is the lead off track, no less) is long and sprawling. That sort of thing can easily feel like too much, especially in the stripped-down, gritty punk genre that these guys come from. If you are going to have an epic, over-the-top, Civil-War-meets-New-Jersey-punk singalong, you had better own it. The full version of the song is able to pull this off. They are able to be anthemic while stopping just short of cheesy. The video fits the song well but it is a shame it is only half the song.

To compensate for this, here is a live version of the full song, the best quality I could find in a quick search (note to self, attend one of their shows if they come around):

And finally, in the interest of completeness, the full album version (with just the album cover as the video image):

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