Prospective course offerings

American Politics, American Political Institutions, Public Administration, State Politics, Federalism, Health Policy, Education Policy, Energy Policy, Interest group politics, International Relations

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Courses taught

Syracuse University

Instructor: “Oil, Water, and War” – PSC/MES 367, Fall 2010, Spring 2011, (SyllabusSummary summary of student evaluations – 2010; full student evaluations – 2010; full student evaluations – 2011)

Co-instructor: “Public Administration and Democracy” – PAI 755, Summer 2012, Summer 2013 (SyllabusFaculty evaluation  – 2012; Student evaluations 2012; Faculty evaluation – 2013; Student evaluations 2013)

Le Moyne College

Adjunct Professor: “International Politics” – PSC 361, Fall 2008, Spring 2011 (Syllabus; Evaluations)

  • Also coordinated Service Learning placement and evaluation

Teaching assistantships

Syracuse University

“Negotiation: Theory and Practice” – ANT 400/PAF 422 /SOS 622/IRP 400/IRP 600 (Professor Robert Rubinstein), Summer 2013

“Skillful Group Development,” – PAF 400/SOS 600 (Professor Christina Merchant), Summer 2012

“Mediation: Theory and Practice” – PAF 421/SOS 621 (Professor Christina Merchant), Summer 2011

“International Relations” – PSC 124 (Professor Mark Rupert), Spring 2010 (Faculty evaluation)

“International Organizations” – PSC 353 (Professor Francine D’Amico), Fall 2009 (Faculty evaluation)

“Interest Group Politics” – PSC 309 (Professor Sarah Pralle), Spring 2009 (Syllabus; Faculty evaluation)

“Making Foreign Policy” – PSC 359 (Professor James Bennett), Fall 2008 (SyllabusFaculty evaluation)

“Oil, Water, and War” – PSC/MES 367 (Professor James Bennett), Spring 2007 (Syllabus; Faculty evaluation, Student evaluations)

“International Relations” – PSC 124 (Professor Thomas Boudreau), Fall 2007 (Syllabus; Student evaluations)

Cornell University

“Business and Governments in the Global Economy” – AEM 432 (Professor Nancy Chow), Fall 2006

Additional teaching experience

Certificate in University Teaching through the Syracuse University Future Professoriate Program

Teaching Mentor, Syracuse University Future Professoriate Program, 2009-2013 (Quantitative evaluation summary)

Teaching Associate, Syracuse University Future Professoriate Program, 2009-2010.

Minnowbrook Teaching Conference, 2009

Strategic Research Consultant, The Saylor Academy, Washington DC, August 2011-May 2013

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