Friday Tunes – Crazy Interactive Video Edition

The wonderful Arcade Fire have released a video for “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains).” It appears in “traditional” form here and below, in which we find a clip that is interesting and pretty trippy towards the end (Stereogum rightly notes that it “sort of plays like a constantly refreshing hi-res GIF”).

It is enjoyable. It is fun to see the familiar houses from their various album covers. Though I would find Regine to be weird and annoying if I didn’t think this was such a great song. (And it really is all-time-great caliber material.) But the band also gives us an “interactive” version that allows us manipulate the video by dancing in front of your computer. While it is not quite as affecting as their nostalgia-inducing video for “We Used to Wait,” it is great to see them continuously pushing the envelope of the medium. The idea also nicely fits the vibe of the song, as it has you doing what you were probably going to do anyway, awkwardly dance emotionally while sitting in a chair in front of your computer.

If there is not a meme in which people post videos of themselves dancing in front of their computer while watching/interacting with this by the end of the weekend, I do not know what the internet is for.

Bonus high quality live version:

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