Wednesday Jams

I have been slacking in the Sharing of Tunes Department, largely because I have been delving into my external hardrive for some older items I haven’t listened to in a while and/or because I am writing longer pieces on some other things that have been occupying my playlist. Anyway, let us address this situation.

Though I came to this party slightly late, I have had Cults in my head intermittently since I finally checked them out a couple months ago. They are great! Besides being obviously catchy, they are able to channel a retro-sounding vibe without being either derivative or ironic. And, in keeping with similar descriptive constructions they sound unique despite being fairly straight-forward. And their self-titled album cover is catching. Hooray for long hair!

But onto the jams:

Here is their official video for “Abducted.” It is kind of bonkers, but worth watching:

Here is a professional-quality live version of “Bumpers,” on a rooftop, somewhere.

Finally, for the sake of including yet another one of their songs that I greatly enjoy, here is a fan-made video for “Go Outside.” I have no idea what is going on here, but I do think it is great that people do this sort of thing, and bikes are fun:

(Here is the official video for “Go Outside,” which is also great/weird in the same vein as “Abducted,” but not embedded here to avoid redundancy.)

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